Orchestrating Sustainability into urban real-life practices

we make sustainability becoming a habit and culture in our society


Our strategies 

to support a sustainable city, we want to play our roles as URBAN SUSTAINABILITY HUB" with below functions:

1. Crowd farming and food waste management orchestrator

2. Green home-based business incubator and new bio-based startups accelerator

3. Green technology diffusion assistance

4. Bio and environmental learning facilitator for youth

within our "circular practice" gardens


Our three pillars of activities

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Sustainability is new values, to attend in our society we need to educate people to understand the values and find the rationale why we need to work with sustainability

Education without action is ZERO, Behavioral change is needed in the sustainable movement.  Empowerment is the next stage of education to make the change.  We will invite our stakeholders to work together and implement sustainable values as real actions and participate in our circular model

Entrepreneurship is a way for people to see an economic opportunity.  We expect urban citizen who involve in our movement could see sustainability actions as their opportunity to develop their well being and economic independence.

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Media highlights


Kebun Teras Hijau Project

September 5, 2020

The antusiasm of community in the Teras Hijau Project Garden